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The Most Advanced Post-Curing System on the Planet, is the first fully-automated, Curing System built to deliver the speed, mechanical properties, and ease-of-use demanded by the modern 3D printing dental clinic.

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The beating heart of freeCURING Pro are the 48 LEDs, 3 different wavelengths 380 /400 / 470nm, which deliver over 25 times more power than freeCURING. This custom-built UVA light engine delivers concentrated 380-400-470nm light with near-perfect uniformity. With linear motion and outstanding performance, the freeCURING Pro curing machine enables today's chairside workflows and new materials for tomorrow. The 470nm LED not only allows 3D printing materials to be post-cured but can also cure conventional lab materials.

Full 360 Light Exposure

Bring the Finish Line Closer with freeCURING Pro

freeCURING Pro is unbelievably fast, unlocking possibilities across your 3D printing workflow. It delivers outstanding light power and instantaneous heat to your parts, creating new possibilities for same-appointment chairside care. By reducing cure times to 2 minutes or less,  freeCURING Pro can cut as much as 60 minutes from your in-office 3D printing workflow.

Less than 2 Minutes


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Smarter Chairside

Equipped with Wifi and a powerful onboard computer, freeCURING Pro receives updates over the air. Its Live Materials Library synchronizes with our cloud resin services, meaning your device is always equipped with the latest and most up-to-date curing profiles, no action required. An all-new search functionality helps you find the resin you need right away.

freeCURING Pro

the power of energy

With the integrated 48 Power LEDs, 3 different wavelengths and each wavelength can be controlled independently, freeCURING Pro gives the material exactly the energy that the material needs to achieve its physical properties. 
freeCURING Pro gives the material the energy, from slightly delicate to extremely energetic, without deforming or destroying the component

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Chairside vs. Laboratory

Its size is designed for practices and laboratories.

the outer dimensions of freeCURING Pro fit on a practice table. The filling volume in the curing chamber meets the requirements of large-scale production in a laboratory.

freeCURING Pro

Marvel of Engineering

With the integrated vacuum pump and protective gas function,
freeCURING Pro is equipped for current and future materials. in addition, the protective gas consumption is reduced dramatically. 

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Vacuum Pump

Protective gas consumption is reduced dramatically


No more cables to clutter your setup

Protective Gas

Dispersion layer is eliminated no more sticky parts


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