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Time-saving,  Profitable, Patient loyalty, Integrable

PerioProbe-One Wireless and Digitised Periodontal Probe

PerioProbe-One is the first periodontal probe that automatically analyses the periodontal status. Easier, faster diagnosis, fully integrated in its own software. Measurement results are transmitted directly to the PerioProbe App. It is no longer necessary to manually record the measurement results and the findings are immediately visualised in the periodontal chart.

No need to change your protocol

All common measurement procedures, e.g. number of measuring points per tooth, recession, bleeding rate, can be adjusted using the PerioProbe App. As a result, the clinic does not need to change the standard protocol`s. Measurement protocol can be saved individually according to the user. The collected data is automatically transmitted to the PerioProbe App and displayed for patient  reporting.

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Features PerioProbe-One

Profitable,Time-saving, Patient loyalty, Integrable

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Ergonomic and Wireless.

slim design bluetooth connection

Probing without assistance

Can be operated without assistance.

Automated and guided

Standardised, wiederholgenau procedure as usual.


Up to 6 measurement points per tooth.

Additional information is collected

Caries, recession, attachment loss, plaque bleeding ecc.

Fast and precise

real-time transmission measuring ruler resolution 0.01mm

One time use of removable tip 

The removable and hygienic disposable measuring tip can be calibrated so that the pocket depth measurement is always carried out with a pressure of 15 gr - 20 gr. The pressure is adjustable
Always up-to-date and ready for use, measurement results are transferred to the PerioProbe app in real time via Bluetooth®.

Best Bluetooth Pedal 

for Turning, Scrolling , Switching and Confirming. 

The pedPro is a low profile, silent, and portable foot switch for providing hands-free switching. You simply connect to your Bluetooth and load your favorite compatible app and you are ready to go.
Load up your music and easily switch to the next song in the play list and turn pages or scroll through lyrics for each song.
A bit of practice and the action will become second nature.

Personalized Setup

The PerioProbe App can be configured according to your need.

the buttons can be configured as you wish. The standard assignment is confirm, next, cancel.

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Spend Time on Patient Care, 

Not on Charting

Charting should improve, your patient care. Get the Power Pack
PerioProbe One, pedPRO and PP-App. You will be amazed how many more patients you can treat in less time

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