Get your handsfree

Work faster and more accurately by using your foot.

Go hands-free at the gig!

The Free Wild pedPRO controls your laptop or tablet via Bluetooth, so you can scroll, tabs, and more with a tap of your foot.

No need to lift your foot

The ergonomic design is based on detailed research on the movement sequences when switching with the foot. A slight push with the tip of your foot is enough to control it without having to lift your foot unnecessarily. Both hands remain free, which ensures efficient work even over several hours.

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Hands Free Control

Keep your hands on your task

Wireless Bluetooth

No more cables to clutter your setup


Hundreds of compatible apps for turning pages, teleprompting, reading music, scrolling lyrics...

Best Bluetooth Pedal 

for Turning, Scrolling , Switching and Confirming. 

The pedPro is a low profile, silent, and portable foot switch for providing hands-free switching. You simply connect to your Bluetooth and load your favorite compatible app and you are ready to go.
Load up your music and easily switch to the next song in the play list and turn pages or scroll through lyrics for each song.
A bit of practice and the action will become second nature.

Personalized Setup

The pedPro foot control has four pedals: 
a middle [ 1 ] , a left [ 2 ] , a right [3] and a top [ 4 ] pedal.

The foot control can be reset to its factory default configuration.

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